Episode 44

On the podcast this week, the ladies share their tips and tricks for taking photographs of their creations. Visit the unCUT website, http://www.uncutpod.wordpress.com for links and the full show notes. This season is in Partnership with Pfaff Sewing Machines UK – Manufacturers of a Full Range of Machines available for Quilting, Embroidery and Sewing. Visit your nearest sewing machine store to explore the extensive range of Pfaff machines. 

This episode is sponsored by 99 Designs by Vistaprint who provide graphic design services for creators. 99 Designs are a global design platform and create designs such as websites, logo design and product packaging. We are currently working with 99 Designs to redesign our website and hope to share that with you all soon.

Mentioned in this episode:

Alice-May The Stitch Edit

Romy SewLike

Paige Joanna

Tabitha Sewer

Mijke SewItCurly

Geri in Stitches

The Social Fabric

S Is for Sew

Blaire Adie Bee

The Corny Rainbow

Katie Kortman

Hannah Argyle

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