Episode 37

37. The evolution of craft blogging ft. Zoe Edwards

This week, the ladies take a dive into the world of blogging in the crafting community and are joined by the lovely Zoe Edwards, creator of the Memademay challenge on Instagram. Zoe revisits her early days of blogging and spills the tea on how the very popular Me Made May came about. You can check out Zoe’s website www.sozowhatdoyouknow.blogspot.com or find her on instagram at @sozoblog. Visit the unCUT website www.uncutpod.wordpress.com for links and the full show notes. This season is in Partnership with Pfaff Sewing Machines UK – Manufacturers of a Full Range of Machines available for Quilting, Embroidery and Sewing. Visit your nearest sewing machine store to explore the extensive range of Pfaff machines. This episode was also sponsored by The Fold Line and Charlotte Emma Patterns– hosts of The Sewing Weekender. The Sewing Weekender will take place online for a second year, on Saturday 12th – Sunday 13th June 2021. The 2021 event will feature two days of online content for attendees to watch and participate in, as they work on a sewing project at home. Tickets are now live on www.thefoldline.com/the-sewing-weekender/

[10% of proceeds will be donated to the charities The Black Curriculum, Refuge and Fine Cell Work] This is unCUT, the Makers’ Podcast, where we discuss all things crafts and our experiences with being creative.

Mentioned in this story:

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Liberty Silk Satin

Macculloch and Wallis

Tilly and the Buttons frill collar

The Refashioners

Zoe’s Thelma Boilersuit

Charlie Bit my Finger video

Natalie Purschwitz

About Me Made May (Sozo Blog)


Sew Over It

Tilly and the Buttons

Wendy Ward

Little Miss Sew n Sew

Fabric Godmother

Sozo Free Undies pattern

Sew Incidentally

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