Episode 25

Episode 25: Sustainability and Crafting with Kate @timetosew

One aspect of crafting that a lot of us work towards at one point or the other in our sewing journeys is to become more sustainable. But are our practices really sustainable? These and many more points were discussed in this episode with Kate @timetosew, founder of www.timetosew.uk , a true lover of textiles, sewing and sustainable fashion.

Thanks to our sponsors –Sew Me Sunshine – an independent online dressmaking fabric & haberdashery shop that does worldwide shipping. Welcome to un:CUT the Makers’ Podcast where we discuss all things crafts and our experiences with being creative. We hope you enjoy!

Mentioned in this episode:

Juliet’s dyed Bakerloo blouse

Central St Martin’s

Sew Over It

Higgs Materials Sustainability Index

Make Mine Challenge

Un:Cut Episode on Comparison with Lena King


Alice’s blouse

LDH scissors at Sew Me Sunshine

Kate’s blog

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