Episode 24

Episode 24. Plus Size Sewing ft Korrie Riddle

In this week’s episode, the ladies speak to Korrie Riddle – a Textile artist & Candle maker. Korrie speaks about her experience learning how to sew as a plus size lady. She also shares some online resources that helped her on her journey as a new sewist. You can find Korrie on instagram at @korriekorrie

Thanks to this week’s sponsors – Cashmerette – a sewing pattern company well known for their high quality sewing patterns designed with your curves in mind. Did you know that they also offer an online workshop specifically on fitting for curves? Learning to fit on your own can be challenging, but with Cashmerette’s bestselling Fitting for Curves workshop, you’ll learn techniques for a variety of upper body adjustments–all from the comfort of home. Curvy sewing expert Jenny Rushmore shows you how to identify fit issues and demonstrates how to fix them in a clear and easy-to-follow format, plus you can ask questions right alongside the videos! Save 20% on Cashmerette’s Fitting for Curves workshop through February 9, 2021 with code UNCUT20. Visit cashmerette.com/workshops to get started.

Mentioned in the show:

Atia’s cord dress

By Hand London Hannah dress

Tilly and the Buttons

By Hand London Tamzin

Threadyforit Instagram

The Foldline

Nina Lee Bakerloo blouse

Cashmerette Lenox Shirtdress

Thanks for tuning in to un:CUT the Makers’ Podcast, where we discuss all things crafts and our experiences with being creative. We hope you enjoy!

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